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Features & Benefits

  • Quick drying - 1 hour in most cases* (weather conditions may extend dry time)
  • Restores stamped, smooth and broom finished concrete
  • Can be applied on vertical surfaces

    Materials You May Need

  • Spray-Top® Polymer Cement
  • Resurfacer
  • Integral Color Paks
  • Polymer Concrete Retarder
  • Spray-Top™ Machine

    Stamped concrete and other concrete surfaces may have been difficult to restore in the past, but not anymore!

    Concrete Solutions® Spray-Top is a revolutionary polymer cement product developed for restoring old, stained or smooth concrete to a like new solid color or decorative finish. It is applied in the same manner as paint, so that the existing texture is preserved under one thin application which is especially important when applying over stamped concrete surfaces. Once dry, Spray-Top looks similar to a professionally finished hardener or colored concrete job.

    Unlike ordinary concrete, Spray-Top can be applied in any color and can be used in conjunction with any acid stain, dyes, Metal Fusion metallic epoxy and more. Other popular applications include spraying over vinyl stencils to create decorative designs and logos, restoring concrete walls or furniture and spraying over foam shapes. With such a wide variety of applications, Spray-Top is unlike any other concrete resurfacing product available on the market.

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