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Typical Uses and Features

  • Repairs holes and spalls
  • Used as a leveling coat to fill in low areas or to make a rough surface smooth
  • Used as a repitching coat to correct the slope for proper drainage
  • Used to eliminate tripping hazards at joints where one side of a concrete slab is raised
  • Products You May Need

  • Quick Set Patch Mix
  • Epoxy 500
  • Elastomeric Basecoat
  • Crack Repair Fabric
  • Concrete Polymer

  • Surface preparation is often the most important part of a successful coating or resurfacing application.

    Prior to applying any Concrete Solutions® products the surface must be clean, free from oil, dirt or any other contaminants that may interfere with bonding.

    Surface Prep
    To prepare for an interior surface application it is important to scrub the surface with detergent, acid wash, neutralize, rise and then wet/dry vacuum the surface. This procedure ensures the concrete is porous and able to adhere to the Concrete Solutions products applied over top. Shotblasting is only required to prep the surface for commercial and industrial interior surface projects. For most outdoor jobs, the surface can be cleaned by detergent scrubbing, acid washing and pressure-washing.

    Crack Repair
    The Concrete Solutions Crack Repair System was developed after ten years of research and testing on multiple concrete repair projects across the globe and shows proven success in repairing structural moving cracks for good. Though not all systems require the Crack Repair System, it is best to perform concrete crack repair prior to applying a polymer concrete overlay system or ¼” Stamping System application.

    Patching & Leveling
    After the surface preparation and crack repairs are completed, the next step is to patch any holes, spalls, low spots and/or deteriorated areas with the patching mix.



    Crack Repair Instructions

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