Roll-Top™ System Demonstration


Roll-Top™ System Benefits

  • Rolled on like paint to easily recolor and restore smooth, stamped and broom finished concrete
  • Achieve a variety of looks and colors using integral color, antiquing powder, acid stain or dyes
  • Dries rapidly to facilitate quick project timelines
  • Products You May Need

  • Roll-Top™ Micro Topping
  • Davis Integral Color
  • Antique Release Powder SC
  • StoneSeal™

  • Refresh the look of your faded or discolored stamped concrete.

    Concrete Solutions® Roll-Top™ system provides a simple and effective way to restore and recolor faded or discolored concrete. The cementitious coating is roller applied, much like paint, and is ideal for use over smooth, stamped and broom finished concrete. When used in conjunction with integral color, antiquing powder, stain and dye, RollTop cementitious coating system can achieve a variety of both natural and modern looks.

    The Roll-Top system is most frequently used over the StoneCrete™ Tile System, but it can also be used with a number of other Concrete Solutions systems including the ¼" Stamping and Broom Finish Systems. This revolutionary product covers most previously sealed or unsealed surfaces in one coat without the need for a primer, and dries rapidly to form a smooth, even finish.


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