Concrete Solutions® Acid Stain, Concrete Dye, and Water Based Stain are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, business owners and architects by providing a decorative and durable alternative to traditional types of flooring. With a large selection of stain and dye colors, concrete design options are endless.

Acid Stain System

Acid Stain


Features & Benefits

Enhance the look of old and new concrete surfaces with multi-hued coloring effects that resemble the look of marble, weathered leather, natural stone or seascape blues and greens.

  • Apply over existing concrete and polymer concrete overlays  
  • Reactive, penetrating stain 
  • Rich complementary colors
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The Concrete Solutions Acid Stain System allows you to use the chemical reaction between blended metallic salts in the stain and the hydrated lime in the hardened concrete to create stunning color and original concrete designs.

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Concrete Dye System

concrete dye


Features & Benefits

Transform ordinary concrete into a colorful decorative concrete masterpiece. The Concrete Solutions Dye System offers deep penetrating color that can be mixed with acetone to create a wide variety of translucent colors.

  • For indoor application only
  • Fast drying, minimal downtime
  • Apply over existing concrete and polymer concrete overlays
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Create a uniform colored concrete look or spray multiple colors to create a beautiful mottled antique finish similar to acid stain. 

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Water Based Stain System

water based stain


Features & Benefits

Create unique colorations and capture distinctive styles to bring energy to any space. Concrete Solutions Water Based Stains can be used to add color to plain or textured concrete surfaces.

  • UV stable for indoors & outdoors
  • Environmentally friendly, safe and easy to apply
  • Blend pigments for endless custom color options
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Compared to acid stains, water based stains produce more consistent color, offer lower VOCs and are safer to apply due to the absense of solvents and acids.

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Acid Stain Color Chart/Flyer

Concrete Dye Color Chart/Flyer

Water Based Stain Color Chart/Flyer

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